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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not As Painful

The last three days we have been curriculum mapping in our district; at the start I thought it would be really painful. I was mostly scared of inputing the State Standards. I get dizzy looking at the standards. Up to this year, CO standards were confusing and wordy.

Well things weren't as painful as I thought it would be.

Since math is kind of a textbook driven subject (more on this later), most of what I needed to input into the ATLAS curriculum map was straight from my textbook. First I made a unit for each of the 13 chapters. Second, I used the title of each lesson within each chapter for my content. Then I used the objectives for each lesson as my skills (bold action verb of course). And lastly (the part that was the least painful of the day, but I thought would be the worse) was importing the state standards.

Why was this not painful you ask? Because my textbook company ROCKS!!! Glencoe/McGraw-Hill is AWESOME. They have matched the Colorado state standards for Mathematics (the new ones), which by the way have not even been loaded on the CDE website (go on, I dare you to find them, because if you do you should be in the FBI), to the content in the book. It was so easy to follow the document and choose the appropriate standards in the ATLAS program.

Now a note on the textbook driven statement: I am a teacher and I want to be the best teacher I can be. So this year because I am new to teaching Geometry, I am going to follow the book. I am hoping to revise objectives as I go along, as well as write essential questions and supporting questions.


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