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Monday, August 16, 2010

Just like onions: “The more you peel them back, the more you want to cry.”

I make it a point to not really talk politics. I am not a poli sci major, I don't teach gov't and I get my source of political news from Joe, Mika, and Willy (and Luke Russert when I get lucky...just a little crush there ;)) on Morning Joe. I have other things to focus on in my daily life (i.e. Essential Questions, learning targets, engaging classroom activities). But this is one political measure that I will talk about and I will campaign with all my might AGAINST!

If you live in Colorado and are a registered voter (if not GO HERE and register), I urge you to please, please please VOTE NO on Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101.

I am not going to explain each ballot measure here. I will turn you to the Coloradans for Responsible Reform and their website 'Don't Hurt Colorado'. Each measure is explained here, and an explanation of why it would be bad for Colorado is included.

I was aware of these measures prior to this morning, but I didn't realize the impact that they would have on our district if passed. Looking at the cash flow and budget graphs I was scared out of my mind. We have a balanced budget, we have worked on a balanced budget (no thanks to the state changing the fiscal year in 1993), and if these measures are dismissed, we will continue to work on a balanced budget, was the message I got this morning from our superintendent. If these measures pass, we will not have a balanced budget, and there is a possibility that we will have to close our doors because there will be NO money to operate.

Supports of these measures are put it nicely. They run shady campaigns and use the method of "we'll keep quiet and hope voters know nothing about a initiative until they read it on the ballot; ensure that the ballot question characterizes complicated initiatives as little more than tax cuts." The politicians that support these measures are being backed by individuals that will profit from privatized education, which is where education will go if public schools have to close their doors. With 38% (and as high as 89% in some districts) of children in Colorado public schools qualifying for free/reduced lunches, can you imagine what will happen to those children that can't afford to go to school. Might end up looking a little like our health care system.

If these pass they will not only hurt schools, but also small business owners and eventually all members of a community. For example: Prop 101 will actually decrease funding to road services, including snow plowing. Um we live in COLORADO snows here...A LOT. You live on a county road...touch luck, you won't be getting out when that 12 inch storm comes, which means you can't get to work. You think that is going to save you $$$.

There is a lot of information out there on these ballot measures, I urge you to PLEASE be educated when you vote on Nov 2, 2010. Please don't get caught up in the smoke and mirrors of the supports of these measure, because that is just what it is smoke and mirrors. In anything that I have read tonight, I have seen no solutions to the problems, all I have seen is "this will help the state", well HOW will is help the state. There are no hard numbers. If you read new articles, websites, blogs against these measures, numbers and $$ projections are given and it is SCARY!!!!

If you are reading this and you are a registered voter in another state, PLEASE make sure that you are educated on your ballot issues this fall, because I am sure that there are other states out there too that are facing similar issues.

This isn't written very eloquently, but it was written passionately.

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