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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inception...Not the Movie, but What We Do As Teachers

When I saw this movie, I wasn't really expecting to go to it that night. It is not usually the type of movie that I would spend $9.50 for a ticket and $9.00 (well half of this) for a Hot Date combo (never actually shared with a HOT DATE).

The night I went was the night before I left for a 3-day Colorado River trip. My mind was filled with: Did I remember all my gear? Am I going to make it through the rapids rowing on my own for the first time (I was super super super nervous)? Is it going to rain, because I didn't bring my tent? And, Do I have enough adult beverages to sustain me for 3-days, on the river, through the desert, with the sun beating down on me?

So, within 30 minutes of pulling into my friends place for the night, we were planning on walking out the door to go to the movies. Like I said, not usually what I would have spent money on...I would have picked 'Despicable Me'. But my friend M. Payne loves movies, and 'Inception' was right up his alley.

Walking out of the movie theater the only thing I was thinking was "Wow, who was the 'genius' that combined 'The Matrix', 'Vanilla Sky', and 'Ocean's Eleven' into 1 film and thought it would be good." I think it goes without saying it didn't instantly become my favorite movie and and I didn't give another thought to it, didn't applying any of it to my live, and get my sights on my 3-day river trip.

BUT then I read Tom D's post on 'Inception', and again he has BLOWN ME AWAY. I would NEVER had linked this movie to what I inspire to doing with my teaching. I am not even going to try to repeat or throw my spin on what his thoughts are because I am still processing it all. He has given me more to think about going into this school year. What we do as teachers is INCEPTION! If you are teacher, and plenty of my friends out there are, please read Tom's post on Inception. I can only hope that one day I can be settled in my curriculum and can start thinking about teaching the way that he does. Thanks again Mr. D!

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  1. I'm glad I could provide something to think about! :)