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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Actually Won Something...

I never win anything that is by chance! My name never gets drawn out of the hat, I don't win the scratch tickets, I am never the 1 millionth shopper.

This morning our superintendent started off the day by pulling names out of hats for things that she had picked up at a teacher store earlier last week. There were some great things and it was exciting at first seeing all the great things, then I remembered...I don't win things.

Well wasn't I surprised when she said my name...I was SHOCKED actually. I was just starting to say to my neighbor, "my name NEVER gets pulled out of hats".

I was able to pick up the game Spot It!, I ran down the aisle just like on the 'Price is Right' (actually our art teacher was humming the theme song in the row behind me), picked up my prize, and went back to my seat to read the directions. Then my head started to what a great game and I could totally adapt this to content...if I had time.

So when I get time I am going to try to make a content specific game on Spot It! I am not really sure how this is going to happen yet. I am probably going to try to set it up in MS Excel. But I will definitely be sure to post it here when I do.

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