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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Angle Pair Practice

So this week I used a worksheet from Ms. Cookie @ Math Teacher Mambo on Angle Relationships. Although we finished Chapter 3 about 2 weeks ago, I realized that my students needed continuous practice on the topic. They think that everything is congruent, even though consecutive angles are an acute and an obtuse angle (in most instances)...I mean REALLY, do they even look the SAME!!!!! Use your common sense!

When I stumbled upon this worksheet I knew it would be perfect. I gave the students the worksheet a week prior to the quiz and told them that I wanted them to try to fill it out on their own, which I think most of them did. Then early last week we review the worksheet together and we went over each figure. I put the worksheet underneath the document camera and zoomed in on each box. I asked the students to give me the relationship and explain why. I thought it went pretty well. I did call on different students each time, and did accept the answer "I didn't do that one", I just said "OK, if you had, what would the relationship be". Putting my students on the spot? Sure...they should have done their homework (Ugh...another post all together).

The students were told that they would have a quiz on this worksheet. There were 25 correct responses, each correct response would earn them 1 pt. However, to keep those couple students from circling every answer, I also told them that they would loose 1 pt for each incorrect response. So in reality, they could get a negative score, which I would just give them a 0 if that happened...hoping that this wouldn't really happen. I mean if you were not positive of the answer, just leave it wouldn't hurt you. I felt this would be a great assessment tool.

82 students took the quiz (a few students out sick)...1 student...ONE!!!!! got the full 25 pts. Needless to say I was a little shocked. Eighteen students got above a 20...I was happy about that. I knew I would have a lot in the teen range. There were a lot of 17s. But here comes the shocking part...there were 17 students that got a big fat 0! 17!!!!!!!!!! WOW! And there were quite a few 1s and 2s as well.

I really don't want to grade things again. Sometimes I do not believe in redos, although that is a premise of SBG. I have decided that I will not give them class time to do redo this. I am going to put a sign up on the wall: 7:30, 1st lunch (Junior Senior study hall), 2nd lunch (freshman, sophomore study hall), 4:20pm. They need to sign up for a time, if they do not show up, then they loose the chance to retake it. I am sick of waiting for kids that do not show up. But I also feels like this puts the responsibility back on the student. Even though I am they one that will be grading them...AGAIN!

We'll see who shows up and takes the opportunity to redo the quiz.

PS This post was written while riding the Amtrak home...AMAZING WiFi on a the train.

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