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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Starting Over...AGAIN!

Each time we steal a student's struggle, we steal the opportunity for them to build self-confidence.
They must do hard things to feel good about themselves.
-Dr. Sylvia Rim

As another school year approaches I am getting ready to move into my third school in as many years and there is so much that is bouncing around in my head. By this time in most teachers’ careers, they are starting to dial in their curriculum, their classroom management/expectations are pretty well set (always having minor adjustments), and they feel comfortable with their colleges and student population. But as I mentioned, 3 school in 3 years, and none of those things describe my teaching career.

I have chosen the name “Born Again…Teacher”, not in reference to being a Christian (in all actuality I lead a very secular life), but because I have had a born again life into being a teacher. Now for those of you that don’t know me, I went to college to be an engineer and actually continued after undergrad into graduate school where I earned not only had the privilege of being a co-founding member of GCUF (Graduate Club for Undergraduate Fun), but of also earning my M.S. in Environmental Engineering. After a brief stint at being a ski bum and a homeless raft guide, I worked as an engineer. THEN I SAW THE LIGHT!!! (Hence the name of this blog)

This blog is an attempt to organize my thoughts. Not so much for other people but for myself (although I hope somewhere along the way I hope I help you out too!). It is also an attempt to share the great things that I have found on others’ blogs (there are some GREAT ones out there, and will list my favorite soon). I have a tendency to gather from others but then make it my own. I will try to link both original and my version, although if I only add mine, I will be sure to reference the original.

I welcome your comments, suggestions, or shared resources. I am not a writer, never claimed to be, and this is NOT my attempt at being one, so please keep this in mind as you read.

Now back to my first paragraph…HEAD IS SWARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know where to start. I will be teaching three classes this year, only one that I have taught before:

· Geometry (4 sections)

· Pre-Algebra (I have taught 7th grade, so hoping that I can use resources I already have)

· Basic Geometry/Consumer Math (Two 1/2–year classes)

So my first decision, do I focus on 1) My lesson plans, or 2) How my class is going to be run, my expectations and how I am going to reach out to my students in the first couple of days of school. I am leaning towards the option number 2. Although I have taught before, each time has been in very different schools, with different populations of students, and different motivations for those students. So in a sense I am able to be a BORN AGAIN TEACHER…again!

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  1. Rock and roll, baby. Being in somewhat the same boat, I can't wait to browse your musings. You are brilliant and will constantly change lives in- and outside of the classroom. Period. :-)