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Friday, July 30, 2010

I have...Who has...

One of my favorite games for the classroom is "I have...Who has..." It is an entire class game and it keeps the kids attention because they never know who has the answer. I used it a lot in World History by making my own for the Egypt, Rome, and China units. It was a lot of work to make them. I wanted to get to a point where I would make them in math, but never got around to it and put in on my "list of things to do this summer". Well that list hasn't really gotten any smaller this summer.

But while perusing math blogs this afternoon I found several versions of the game on Mathwire. And I remembered my "list of things to do"...why recreate the wheel. I love it when teachers share things and don't expect any payment. Teachers are poor...we are here for the betterment of the students, and why recreate the wheel?

I have gotten some awesome games from this site. I usually get pretty overwhelmed because there is SOOOO much on this site, so I tried to only go to it when I am looking for something specific. But I stumbled upon it today while reading a new blog Let's Play Math.

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