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Monday, March 28, 2011

Not That I Really Had The Time...

But I created a review activity for my students. And I must say I am super proud of myself.

I have been trying to get away from just giving them review problems in worksheet form, and getting more creative about how I give them problems.

For CSAP Review I used the math dominoes (idea curtsey of Amy G), it was a hit in my Pre-Algebra class and with most of my Geometry students.

I also used a index card review, where a card
had 1
problem on the front and the answer to the previous card on the back. I don't remember who's blog I saw this on, but when I can find it (i.e. remember) I will give credit to them for the idea. This worked GREAT in 3 of my 4 Geometry classes. The 4th class is a huge class, and honestly, nothing works for them. I could put $1M in
front of them, 24 large pizzas and all the soda and candy a kid could want, and someone (if not 10 of them) would complain.

I'll post my versions in another post (probably sometime next week...SPRING BREAK '11, OH YEAH!)

But tonight I created a review activity for the Transformations & Symmetry unit. I got this idea from Miss Cookie. I created a puzzle from scratch!!

I got a quote from a website with math quotes, and then I used problems from the resource master from my text book. And here is the


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